Year end appeal for 20/21.

Signor Masini in his Art Studio in Italy (1933-2018).OTHER IN-KIND SUPPORT:
P. Donohue and E. Hafen donated a Dell laptop and HP printer. BOTH were especially needed during all Library shutdowns so working from my studio apartment was feasible during COVID-19.
Dear Friends,
In a new development several donors have committed to monthly donations.
We had more than 200 letters published by The NY Times a new benchmark.
We need new support toward our $15,000 year end goal. Thanks to all of you who made $7,000 in 30 donations from 14 people so far in 2020.
Most of those funds have been used for operating expenses that include Film Festival Entry Fees for SACCO & VANZETTI in 2021; EIN Press Wire; Word Press; and Andrena web services.
Your support does make a difference and I again thank all of you for it.Kevin Kramer, photo.
ArtsPRunlimited Inc is a sponsored program with
ArtsPRunlimited, Inc in 2020. We acknowledge with gratitude: Society of Directors & Choreographers Foundation Emergency $500- Gift, NYC. Benevity for Prudential Matching Gift, Cafe Giotto, Montclair (in-kind),  S. Ciurczak, K. Costello, K. Doran,K. Kramer (in-kind),  M. Decker, Esq., D. Auld, E. Hafen (in-kind),  A. DiBenedetto, P. Donohue, J. Zirpolo,F. Crowley, C. Kuhnke,  M. Lombardo,  M.O’Neill, PSEG, E. DelVecchio,  R. Pasquariello , M/M S. Harrison,C. Conforti,Village Tweed, S.Lake, NJ (in-kind),   D. P. Quinn, J. Quinn, G. Bevacqui,  Le French Dad, Montclair (in-kind),N.Ralph, A. Verdoni,PCL Solutions (2019), Nutley, NJGilbraltar Van Lines, Montclair,A&A Consultants (in-kind), Neptune, NJ,Niccolo’s, Montclair (in-kind), Anonymous (8)This support so far in 2020 includes 30 donations from 18 friends listed above.If you have not renewed so far, we hope you can still do so with the link below before 12/31/20 where the Cares Act still offers a $300- above the line donation in COVID-19.ArtsPRunlimited Inc is a sponsored program with

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