ArtsPR plans for 2019 in formation in NYC and NJ.

Community outreach programs at Fair Lawn Library, William Carlos Williams Center om January 2, 2019. (2015-17)Rutherford and tours with the heritage of Lyons, France and Paterson, NJ.

We are also planning a new Newark Museum Arts tour on demand.It explores issues in Newark, Italy, and Me (2018) Lulu Books. Arts in Education,Interdisciplinary, Opera History, Presenting, Guest Lecturing and Teaching Theatre in our time..

Seeking: Patrons, Companies or Foundations in 2018/19 for $2,500-$25,000 project support or corporate ads.

“Newark Italy+Me” debuts (Lulu Books)1666-2017. Montclair Library purchased copies in 2018.

“organized labor” ( by Daniel P. Quinn. “A wonderful book of poems.” The Bergen Record feature article.

Exits&Entrances- The Montclair Times review
2018 Outreach Commentary
Fall 2018 Season
Our Ibsen Master Builder alla Trump Redux.

Daniel P Quinn completes 3rd book on

Daniel P Quinn and ArtsPRunlimited, Inc. announce that Organized Labor: Collected Poems is joined by his new book Exits & Entrances, 25 Years Off-Broadway, Opera & Beyond. Both are available for College and University Literature and History distribution. For artists immersed in the world of movement, music and color, it seems a natural progression to also let their talents spill onto blank pages. Quinn achieves this beautifully in Organized Labor: Collected Poems, now available through AuthorHouse. A tribute to the musicians and writers who have inspired him most and a testimony to his dedication to the performing arts, Organized Labor: Collected Poems is a dance of language across a stage of white space. He combines wordplay and spatial arrangement to create a startling array of poetry that pleases the mind and the eye.
Quinn writes, “Some of the poems are meant to be seen on the page as artworks in themselves; others are meant to be read.” His poetic works span more than 20 years. His earlier poems reflect a light, whimsical style while more recent ones reveal a darker view of life. Many of Quinn’s poems capture his affection for musicality in creative ways, employing alliteration, internal rhyme and syncopation.
He honors his ancestors in distilled family portraits of words such as “Part II,” “Labor Poem II,” and “New York Trilogy.” Quinn even includes early family photographs that add a rich layer of history. Sometimes poignant, sometimes edgy, Organized Labor: Collected Poems remains provocative throughout and sparkles with the energy of a multitude of artistic genres.
Quinn, an accomplished producer and director of theater performances, received a bachelor’s degree in literature and fine arts from the Ramapo College of New Jersey and a master’s degree in theater and performing arts from the American University in Washington, D.C. Among his numerous achievements, he founded ArtsPRunlimited, Inc., working to produce an up-and-coming arts festival in New York. He was the producing director of the U.S. stage premier of Hector Berlioz’ “Childhood of Christ”. His work has been reviewed in The New York Times, New York Post, Irish Voice and New York on Stage. He has published articles in Italian Tribune, Performing Arts Journal, The Herald News and The Theater Journal, and his letters have appeared in the News York Times. Quinn served as office manager and acting director of The Writers Room in New York City. He has also written the article Notes on a mid-career life in an American Theater which just appeared this Spring in the 2004 issue of Sensations Magazine. Other articles have appeared in the Audiophile Voice magazine.
Organized Labor:Collected Poems is his first book.
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