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About Daniel P Quinn BOOKS: Newark, Italy and me (; "American Phantasmagoria" ( "organized labor" and "Exits + Entrances"( Op Ed in The Record; PRIMO (2022); Performing Arts Journal; Programs: Morris Museum; Landmark Tavern, NYC: Oradell/Fair Lawn Libraries; Watchung Books, Montclair, Adjudicator at SUNY/Brockport; Rutgers University (Ethics 2015); Fattals, Paterson; Mies van der Rohe Studio, Newark, NJ. MA: The American University, DC; Ramapo College of NJ: Fine Arts and Intercultural Studies as dual degree. Outstanding Achievement: BCIFF Film Festival, Paris, France (2021/22).

Celebrating “organized labor” for Labor Day in 2022. on sale now.

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Dec 9, 2021

Al Hirschfeld; Sondheim and me

Your comment has been approved! Al Hirshfeld’s indelible legacy. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with The New York Times community. DPQuinn | New Jersey Unforgettable ALL as they spring back to in The NYTimes. We are all (sorry), grateful for Al Hirshfeld’s indelible legacy. Caricaturist sine qua non. Genius, YES !! View your comment

Al Hirschfeld Sondheim

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SACCO & VANZETTI: BURN !!! 1920–27.

SACCO & VANZETTI: BURN !!! 1920–27. 2020–27 Centennial Programs

Nov 27, 2021

Stephen Sondheim and me

Stephen Sondheim and me Thank you for sharing your thoughts with The New York Times community. DPQuinn | New Jersey We mourn the death of Stephen Sondheim, as musical genius, legend and friend for many years. About 30 years ago I wrote Mr. Sondheim a letter obtrusely asking for his support early in my career. While at first he deferred, we began a…

Stephen Sondheim

Tearing apart the future when we are just guessing.

DPQuinn | New Jersey If we believed in the value of prognastication for all things a year ago let alone now this is sheer folly; Biden would have never been President. Why do we still do this, if our memory is so short, versus the long term ? Why ? Why…


Nov 14, 2021

PRIMO Gives “Newark, Italy and me,” ( a 5 Star review on Amazon

BOOKS by Daniel P Quinn are also on Author House or” — PRIMO NEWARK, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, November 12, 2021 / — Following their 5 star review in their most recent edition of PRIMO, and on Amazon. V. Hammer, Artistic Director, Midlantic Theatre Company on…


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Thank you for helping us enrich the lives of those in our community

Make a Donation Today
In the last few months, we completed a batch of grant applications for new support. Many were turned down unfortunately.
On the other hand, we just received word that I will receive support from the Society of Directors and Choreographers Union in NYC.
This was the third year SDC approved my request, so I wanted to share this news with ALL of you.
We ask that you consider making a donation, to help support ArtsPRunlimited.
Via Fractured Atlas too.
Here’s how you can make a difference.
 $25 or more ?
Can you help us as well ? 
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General operating Support.
We have worked with Fractured Atlas since 2014 to secure and process charitable gifts, and donations for ArtsPRUnlimited, Inc.
In the last 2 years, we entered and won Film Festival Awards/Certificates for DEATH OF HERCULES from Sophocles’ THE WOMEN OF TRACHIS and SACCO & VANZETTI: BURN !!! from 12/20-7/22 with more pending.
Via Film Festival’s in Manhattan, Paris, Bali, Indonesia; Kurdistan, Iraq; Rome; Seattle; Dallas, La Jolla, San Diego, Philadelphia, Milan, Anatolia,Turkey, India, New Orleans, Florida Shorts on Film Freeway.
Have also been a member of SDC in NYC since 1996..

Clemente and Arts 2022.

Subject: Throwing caution to the wind or Tennis anyone ?

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DPQuinn | New Jersey 10/4/21

The Pandora’s Box scandal must lay waste to all the Upper Class or Higher elite rich members of Congress, Lobbyists, Lawyers, MDs eating away at the public trough. When does this disparity stop ? How about $31 trillion dollars instead and we might see a glimpse of equity. for the rest of us in the 50% of the population just struggling to live day by day or month to month.

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Tennis aka Tenure anyone ??? or my books on

DPQuinn | New Jersey 9/20/21

As an career long artist and author I did subbing for various districts and was told not to mention my Master’s Degree. No benefits, but a lot of attitude from full time dysfunctional teachers. Was also an adjunct at a County College, more of the same. Inversely, my first salary was $125- per diem decades ago. More recently just $70 or $80- as a road to penury.

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Lyon, France vis-a-vis Paterson, NJ (1883-2022).When Paterson spoke French in their Silk Factories; mais oui.


JUL 14


Our Mother’s Salute for 2022.Happy Mother’s Day. My Mother performing at Bamberger’s when she worked there as a Hoisery buyer for (1932-49) until she married in 1949. We celebrate…




Daniel P Quinn’s “American Phantasmagoria”debuted in “Short Plays to Long Remember”; The Herald News; Audiophile Voice; Co-Tech; Williams…Local Knowledge ; Red Wheelbarrow; and


APR 14, 2021


700 Blogs in the New York Times and more publications in 20/22.FROM MY DESK 1/12/21 Dear Friends, The New York Times with their publications of my letters is always a bit of a surprise. Some submissions are turned…


APR 18, 2021


Afghanistan as a Joffrey Ballet connection and maybe a road to reconciliation and peace.Subject: Important announcement: Afghanistan as a Joffrey Ballet connection. Memo to Afghanistan as a Ballet footnote from the United States to Kabul…


APR 18, 2021


TWO giant steps forward for HUMANITY.Your comment has been approved! Thank you for sharing your thoughts with The New York Times community. DPQuinn | New Jersey 12/26/21 So many people seem…

APR 21, 2021


Folly meets MoliereComedy to Commune in Century 21


APR 19, 2021


Spring Historic 2022 walking tours in Nutley, Newark, Paterson or Montclair for small groups.We will do Presidential History in Newark as noted in Newark, Italy and me from Lincoln to Hoover, and JFK, and a recent visit by Obama. The French and…


MAY 4, 2021


New Jersey noting James St. Neighbors erected a monument for Centennial of Factory Fire: 1910-2010 downtown Newark for us.Newark, NJ was the site of the first disastrous Factory Fire in 1910 before the 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist Fire in NYC. There is a notable 2014 memorial…


APR 18, 2021


Abe Lincoln versus “The Know Nothing Party” in 1861 and echoing today.Lincoln on the Know Nothing Party — Lincoln Home National … Lincoln on the Know…


APR 13, 2021

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St. Gerard, Italy, Art, USA.

Gerard Majella (1726-1755) 
This epic work honoring St. Gerardby Antonio Masini 1933-2018.was first shown in Potenza, Italy.
When I was in Potenza, I noted abeautiful stained glass work outdoorshonoring St. Gerard as well.
JUST 10% Off Sale
Newark, Italy and me (
Masini Studio
My Antonio Caruso (Tuosto) Family in 1925 in The Newark Sunday Call.
My Great-Grandparents and other relatives are all there in 1925. Antonio also donated a window to St. Lucy’s Church dedicated to his Mother as they were from Capo Selle in the Province of Avellino outside Naples, Italy. They were all devoted to St Gerard and that legacy remains even today at St Lucy’s Church to the right of the altar above the door to the Sacristy even in 2022.Newark, Italy + Daniel P QuinnView this Author’s SpotlightPreview on Newark has many histories including G. Antonio Basso who emigrated from Italy to Newark, NJ in 1900. Antonio Basso was my Grandfather who came to America at age 14. Newark has many artistic roots including Armenia, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, France which are featured in Newark, Italy + Me. Immigration is a ongoing event. The past is indeed prologue to our present and future. Welcome to my Newark, Nevarca and the new old sod in New Jersey.Daniel P Quinn’s books include “Exits + Entrances, 25 years off-Broadway, Opera and Beyond”; his plays are included in Short Plays to Long Remember (TNT) and “organized labor”.Ratings & Reviews | Product Details Text Link

Remembering SACCO & VANZETTI 1922-2022.

Dukakis on Nicola Sacco/Bartolomeo Vanzetti Memorial Day (1977).

By His Excellency





WHEREAS: A half century ago next month, Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti were executed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts after being indicted, tried, and found guilty of murdering Alessandro Berardelli and Frederick A. Parmenter; and

WHEREAS: Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti were Italian immigrants who lived and worked in Massachusetts while openly professing their beliefs in the doctrines of anarchism; and

WHEREAS: The atmosphere of their trial and appeals was permeated by prejudice against foreigners and hostility toward unorthodox political views; and

WHEREAS: The conduct of many of the officials involved in the case shed serious doubt on their willingness and ability to conduct the prosecution and trial of Sacco and Vanzetti fairly and impartially; and

WHEREAS: The limited scope of appellate review then in effect did not allow a new trial to be ordered based on the prejudicial effect of the proceedings as a whole; and

WHEREAS: This situation was later rectified as a direct result of their case by the adoption of Chapter 341 of the Acts of 1939, which permitted the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court to order a new trial not merely because the verdict was contrary to the law, but also if it was against the weight of the evidence, contradicted by newly discovered evidence, or “for any other reason that justice may require”; and

WHEREAS: The people of Massachusetts today take pride in the strength and vitality of their governmental institutions, particularly in the high quality of their legal system; and

WHEREAS: They recognize that all human institutions are imperfect, that the possibility of injustice is ever-present, and that the acknowledgement of fault, combined with a resolve to do better, are signs of strength in a free society; and

WHEREAS: The trial and execution of Sacco and Vanzetti should serve to remind all civilized people of the constant need to guard against our susceptibility to prejudice, our intolerance of unorthodox ideas, and our failure to defend the rights of persons who are looked upon as strangers in our midst; and

WHEREAS: Simple decency and compassion, as well as respect for truth and an enduring commitment to our nation?s highest ideals, require that the fate of Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti be-pondered by all who cherish tolerance, justice and human understanding; and

WHEREAS: Tuesday, August 23, 1977, will mark the fiftieth anniversary of the execution of Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Michael S. Dukakis, Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, by virtue of the authority conferred upon me as Supreme Executive Magistrate by the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and by all other authority vested in me, do hereby proclaim Tuesday, August 23, 1977, “NICOLA SACCO AND BARTOLOMEO VANZETTI MEMORIAL DAY”; and declare, further, that any stigma and disgrace should be forever removed from the names of Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti, from the names of their families and descendants, and so, from the name of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts; and I hereby call upon all the people of Massachusetts to pause in their daily endeavors to reflect upon these tragic events, and draw from their historic lessons the resolve to prevent the forces of intolerance, fear, and hatred from ever again uniting to overcome rationality, wisdom, and fairness to which our legal system aspires.

Given at the Executive Chamber in Boston, this nineteenth day of July in the year of our Lord nineteen hundred and seventy-seven and of the independence of the United States of America the two hundred and first.

By His Excellency the Governor MICHAEL S. DUKAKIS

PAUL GUZZI, Secretary of the Commonwealth


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More from Daniel P Quinn New York Times blogs; AMERICAN PHANTASMAGORIA (; “organized labor“ (; PAJ etc.

Jan 7

Law and money

Your comment has been approved! Thank you for sharing your thoughts with The New York Times community.

DPQuinn | New Jersey The real issue here is MONEY once again. These litigants seemingly have MONEY on their side rather than process. The MEDIA than glares on these cases and more MONEY pours in. Perhaps we can send some of these litigants to take on lower cases from poor people for JUSTICE and the WHOLE TRUTH rather than MOMEY always rules.

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Picking up the pieces online or Independent book store for 21-22 as The Grief Deck published FURIES 4 Covid-19 by Daniel P Quinn.

ArtsPR is still struggling to update our plans for 2021/22 amidst the chaotic web; world in which we live with overwrought temperatures, floods, fires, droughts and Covid-19.”

— / — PICKING UP THE PIECES FROM 2020 while linking the past from The Grief Deck to create a better future for all of us.

Near the end of 2019 we had plans for a diverse 2020 season. Of these, we did achieve a January 30th program on Newark, Italy and me (Lulu .com) at as a special event at Watchung Books in Montclair. To honor the grim plight of Syria we also did an outreach program to introduce members of our ArtsPR community to Fattal’s Syrian store in Paterson. We have been in a deep frieze Blue mood ever since captured skillfully by Kevin Kramer.

The southside of Paterson has grown into a thriving Arab community over the last few decades and transformed that part of Paterson and nearly Clifton. This was a gesture against the wild anti-immigrant rhetoric from djt at The White House. This history is also featured in my book: Newark, Italy and me that includes a long poem on Paterson. The Oradell Library noted “our rare and intriguing program (with many compliments) with Christine Conforti and Patricia Flynn when we presented Williams PATERSON for them in a dramatic reading in 2018.

For 2021/22 we are planning, Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace in Manhattan and the Noguchi Museum in Queens among other projects. Teddy appeared at the 1911 unveiling of the LINCOLN monument in Newark by Gustav Bourglan (and 3 more sculptures)before Mount Rushmore. We hope you can join us as a supporter in 2021 via Fractured Atlas for our work with ArtsPR since 2014. Our web contact address is:

We finally completed American Phantasmagoria which was published by Lulu Books in 2020. One play: FANGS TO RICHES was a Finalist in the recent Rave Theatre Festival Off-Broadway. Eric Hafen; Ellen Lanese, Anthony Spaldo and Donald Zirilli also appeared at the William Carlos Williams Center for a notable staged reading of AMERICAN PHANTASMAGORIA (

Noted writer and director Daniel P Quinn received a Scholarship + Certification from Nonprofit Executive & Emerging Leader Institute in Ethics at Rutgers University in 2015. His 4 books range from playwrighting to history and Off-Broadway from Manhattan to Lascala in Milan. He also offers special events and guest lectures or programs. Recent ones included the Paterson Museum; Fair Lawn Library, Morris Museum; Lambert Castle, Oradell Libraries from Bridgeton, NJ, to Off-Broadway.

The Don Jr. side-show in Ohio… 

DPQuinn | New Jersey 5/1/22
Ugly and frightening.
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danielpquinn684, Newark, NJ May 5, 2020 in Ohio.
Dr Acton should be broadcast as a public service on all the networks (and trump should be forced to watch it). His Lincoln Memorial act (still makes me shudder). That event was a scandal. Dr Acton like Cuomo is a voice for humanity and the greater good for all of us. Even after sheltering in place since early March, I do thank them both.
Tom, Hudson Valley @danielpquinn684Dr. Acton only stands a chance of getting more attention if you share this video on social media. There are millions who will not see this article in The New York Times, but they will see it on Facebook, if you share it.
June Charleston @danielpquinn684She is a woman and an intellectual with expertise. The Con Man hates women with her qualities because they diminish him.danielpquinn684 ,
 Newark, NJ@Tom I will do that and also on my VIP ArtsPR outreach as best I can. Thank you for sharing.
danielpquinn684danielpquinn684, Newark, NJJune
I thought of her as a Joan of Arc for this combative timedanielpquinn, Newark, NJ 9/1/20 The New York Times
.Your comments have been approved!
I thought almost everybody in Djt’s cabinet was “Acting.” How did this guy get confirmed ? Acclamation by the RNC, recrimination by DNC or old fashioned Senate stonewalling ? Maybe they should all take golf lessons as a change of pace. The swamp is getting deeper every day.
ArtsPRunlimited,Inc | 351 Broad St, B1702, Newark, NJ 07104

Italian history film programs on SACCO & VANZETTI for 2022-23

Award winning Sophocles and Italian history film programs by ArtsPRunlimited, Inc.

Community outreach for DEATH OF HERCULES and SACCO & VANZETTI: BURN !!! Now we need venues to host us.

NEWARK, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, July 18, 2022 / — New programs for 2022/23

The Death of Herakles


Our Award winning short DVD film captures a virtuoso performance by Ellen Lanese, from our Off-Broadway premiere with designs by Jennifer Long, translated by Michael Jameson.

We are looking for program outreach for THE WOMEN OF TRACHIS in 2022/23. Now we need venues to host us.

Honoring France, we have prepared new programs about the history of Paterson and Lyon for 2022/23. Since 1883 they have been Sister Silk Cities including the remarkable heritage of the City Hall in Paterson, which remains a homage to Lyon from the support of French industrialists, as well as St. John’s Cathedral, as in Paterson and Lyon.

Our Award winning short film: SACCO & VANZETTI: BURN !!! Centennial of their 1920-27 arrest and execution from 2020-2027.

Starring Ellen Lanese, Paul Parente and Anthony Spaldo with design by Eva Brenner. We are thrilled by the results from these Film Festivals for SACCO from Sweden, Paris, Manhattan, Berlin, Rome, Milan, Vienna and Austin, Texas

Seeking College or University venues for a program/talk/book signings from New Jersey to Italy, Ireland and France.

We have worked with Fractured Atlas since 2014 to secure and process charitable gifts, and donations for ArtsPRUnlimited, Inc.

In the last 2 years, we entered and won Film Festival Awards/Certificates for DEATH OF HERCULES from Sophocles’ THE WOMEN OF TRACHIS and SACCO & VANZETTI: BURN !!! from 12/20-7/22.

Via Film Festival’s in Manhattan, Paris, Bali, Indonesia; Kurdistan, Iraq; Rome; Seattle; Dallas, La Jolla, San Diego, Philadelphia, Milan, Anatolia, Turkey, India, New Orleans, and Florida Shorts on Film Freeway.

Some previous venues have included: SUNY/Brockport as Adjudicator; Panelist at John Jay College; Speaker at Passaic County History Society;

Morris Museum; Oradell Library; Fair Lawn Library; Center for Italian Culture; Irish Arts Center; and Rutgers University.

Newark Library and World Cat (2022).

American Phantasmagoria : three American plays : Fangs to riches as a nightmarew-documentary for Century 21.], [2020]

Exits and Entrances: Producing Off-Broadway, Opera & Beyond: 1981-2006

Bloomington, IN :, 2007.

Topic’s include

Newark, Italy + me / Daniel P. Quinn. — Nascent Newark —

The dawn of Newark’s Little Italy (1885-2018) — Presidential history in Newark — Gustav Bourglan’s Newark as prototype for Mount Rushmore — Arshile Gorky’s commission at Newark Airport — The Morris Canal became Raymond Boulevard — Quintet for Newark [poem] — A Newark reflection (1967-2017) — Alexander, Paterson, and Lyons, France [poem] — Let’s meet Paterson’s sister, Lyons, France — Cuinn banned by Victoria [poem] — Pabst beer and Hoffman soda — Metropolitan Opera star Maria Jeritza (1888-1982) was music history in Newark — Symphony Hall was originally named the Mosque Theatre — Newark in the age of Trump on Trump listening to Beethoven in Europe — Louis Bamberger and my family history (1927 to 2003) — Newark as insurance mecca (1845-2018) — Broadway “Grand Guignol” featuring Vincent Price & Edgar Allan Poe — Mies van der Rohe’s presence endures (1962-2018) in Century 21 — Newark coming back (2000-18).


“Daniel P Quinn has captured a bygone era with such detailed, loving, bittersweet accuracy. Such family memories – and they are rich indeed, considering he hails from two such vibrant, singularly civilized cultures … Irish- and Italian-Americans; no fooling around!

It’s just a rapidly e’er changing mixture of eras we are so challenged to be negotiating, we Americans and we globally over-populated, fascinating yet always goofy-enough humans …

Bravo to all who appreciate the seemingly boundless energy, spirit and enterprise that is Newark.

Thank you, Mr. Quinn, for bringing the pre-21st century Newark once again to such sweet, happy life … a rewarding, compelling, intensely-personally-felt trip down Memory Lane, indeed”.

V. Hammer, Artistic Director, Midlantic Theatre Company.

My Mies van der Rohe building (1962) was “Modernism” in Newark. From 1960-62, this entire Italian neighborhood was demolished as urban removal process. St. Lucy’s Church and annex survived since 1925, but not much else.