know nothing party 2021 aka Repugs.

Lincoln on the Know Nothing Party – Lincoln Home National … on the Know Nothing Party August 24, 1855: Letter to Joshua F. Speed The American or “Know Nothing Party” was an anti-immigrant political party of the 1850’s. I am not a Know-Nothing.2Know Nothing Poster, 1854 | National Museum of American … American Party, also called the Know-Nothings, was a major national political force in the 1850s. It saw immigrants and Catholics as the greatest threat to self-government and to the nation. Arguing for rule by native-born Protestants, the Know-Nothings ran former President Millard Fillmore as their presidential candidate in the 1856 election.
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danielpquinn | Newark, NJ
Census as in reality; djt doesn’t want that. He wants to create his own numbers no matter the constitution, law or mathematics. His numbers either in real estate, the economy or anything else. HE IS THE NUMBER ONE problem in America. Don’t count him in or out. He just doesn’t care and the Republicans are linked in this utter chain of infamy. How disreputable, how awful just the way Donald likes it. NOTHING ELSE MATTER. We may be down for the count, but he’s knot !! As in noose hanging our petards.View your comment
danielpquinn684 | Newark, NJ
Lets look further back at the terrible immigrant history by the WASPS against almost anyone else. From the Irish being crushed in the Civil War Draft Riots followed by “No Irish Need Apply” in 1870’s NYC.
Discrimination against my Italian immigrant Family (1890-1927) with the 1920-1927 arrest & execution of SACCO & VANZETTI and the suppression of their language and culture. American WASP elites labeled them as Africans in the South of Italy because they were dark skinned. Called WOPS (without papers) greasers they suffered in America.
The Germans lost their language and culture in and around WWI. In Union City, THE PASSION PLAY was originally performed in German honoring their Oberammegau connections.
Lutherans hated the Catholics and the Jews. Italian immigrants were lynched in New Orleans. Also imprisoned via La Storia Segreta (Secret History) during World War II like the Japanese. Does anyone remember the complexity of discrimination in America ?View your comment :

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