Announcing our 12th NOMINATION For SACCO & VANZETTI: BURN !!! by Seattle Movie Awards.

NOMINATIONS For SACCO & VANZETTI: BURN !!! in Milan, and also Rome, Italy. This is especially important for me as I always wanted to establish a presence for my work in Milan since I lived there during my season at LaScala,
American Phantasmagoria 15% Off sale by ends at midnight today 4/8/22.Your comment has been approved!Thank you for sharing your thoughts with The New York Times community.DPQuinn | New Jersey 4/6/22With so much archival material, letters, documents etc; WHY make the whole thing up ?View your comment“FANGS TO RICHES offers “a great many indictments of American culture… If performed with gusto… it would have a strong impact….be an ideal project…for an audience. You’re a very talented man. ” Olympia Dukakis.FANGS TO RICHES was also a finalist for the 2019 Rave Festival Off-Broadway. Theatre for the New City (TNC) with the support of Mary Tierney also loved them as well.Daniel P Quinn’s plays were originally published in “Short Plays to Long Remember” by Francine Trevens. “Short Plays to Long Remember” received Honorable Mention Award (2012) as a Next Generation Finalist in the Indie Book Awards (2011).Malachy McCourt appeared in a reading of THE ROCKING CHAIR at Barnes & Noble at Lincoln Center. Daniel P Quinn received The Short Play Festival Award for Two and Twenty, The Irish Institute Award for Honesty Is the Best Policy, and his co-production of Diary of a Madman received a Best Actor OBIE as well. He was featured in The Irish Post, Madison, Wisconsin, and The Irish Voice, NYC. Quinn’s “organized labor” ( or, was featured on National Public Radio, Village Voice, Coast Star, Bergen Record, and The Italian Voice. “organized labor” was “poignant and alive,” “wonderful,” and “refreshing.”

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