Betty White, Red and Blue

Subject: Betty/Oysters/Pepperoni/Italy and me ( for 2022.

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DPQuinn | New Jersey 1/1/22
Betty White, Red and Blue…will be missed by all of us as one of the best for another 99 years at least, if not more.View your comment’s the Beef in 2022 ?
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DPQuinn | New Jersey 12/27/21Conglomerates get richer by jacking up their prices for everyone else. All the butchers that I know of in Essex County have gone out of business. WHY or actually why not based on this article. I once purchased chopped beef in Whole Foods; it was awful. Never again.View your comment Grandfather Giuseppe Antonio Basso in front of his Barber shop across from St Lucy’s Church about 1920 on 7th Av., in Newark, NJ.
We always celebrated San Giuseppe (St. Joseph) on March 19 with zeppole. But the Sardine Pasta recipe was new to me when I first tried it at on St.Joesphs Day at Ralph’s Pizzeria and Restaurant in Nutley, NJ.Oysters/Pepperoni/Sardines 2022 DPQuinn | New Jersey 12/10/21
Before I clam-up let me just say that I may have eaten a few oysters which I love as a soup too. But I gasped at the 100 year wait to try an oyster from NY Bay. My last oyster moment was in Washington, DC about 5 years ago. 95 years and counting till my next one.
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DPQuinn | New Jersey, 9/17/21
Not your you have to “fry” the peperoni; seems like overkill. Or porco dio on a bad day. Or pepperoni rolls all the rage in West Virginia, but barely known elsewhere even in NJ.
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From Australia: DPQuinn,New Jersey, @FrankAfter 35 years maybe Rome is the same, but not much else.
danielpquinn684 | NJ, 3/6/20
This is a variation on the St. Joseph’s Day traditional dish on March 19 in Italy and here. Am ready for supper now even if it’s only a wee bit past the crack of dawn. Have been making bread combs for decades and even giving extra batches away as gifts.
The recipe is in this article. A simple but wonderful meal for 2 or more, delicious and cost effective.

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