monster don in covid-19

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ON COVID+19 and the brutality of trump.
The New York Times community.
danielpquinn | Newark, NJ
A brilliant but chilling article. COVID-19 moves on and through propaganda as we approach a Fall with worse outcomes combined with the flu. Djt still spouts obfuscation and inflated rhetoric as the virus marches on. we may be tired and weary but the virus is not. We must still be prudent or suffer the consequences. The Belarus comparison to Tiannamen Square was most apt. Seeing Djt in a clump with other dictators disturbing again. Money, big money is the root of these evils across and underground the globe. Putin and djt still play their games, behind their closed doors. Twilight zones astray

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NJPAC offered “In The Grip of Terror” a noble and eye opening program on Influenza &Polio in 2019.“In the Grip of Terror with Flu and Polio”was one of the most important events in the history of NJPAC.
Scientific, historically accurate and shocking, Newark’s Mayor in 1918 did not understand the gravity of the situation. He refused to close the bars, event halls or contain the outbreak. More people died in Newark than NYC a century ago.Caskets were lined up on Central Ave for blocks. Hospitals were overflowing. Workers had to start dig mass graves.
Prescient, unnerving and on target when presented in 2019.
In solidarity via ArtsPRunlimited for all.

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