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ROME Opera stages RIGOLETTO in Circus Maximus; Greek tragedies in Athens in Covid-19 (2020).

ROME OPERA stages spectacular RIGOLETTO outdoors in Ancient Site. CBS This Morning broadcast an astonishing excerpt in COVOD 19.

Nero built this vast outdoor space (the size of 2 Football fields) for his thrilling and astonishing events in the first century AD. The Rome Opera used FIAT auto’s on stage as part of the¬† 1970’s scenography¬† for this Rigoletto. Social distancing between the notable singers incorporated the cars and a vast movie screen behind them.

A sold out crowd of 1,500 people socially distanced in the audience as well. AMAZING triumph in Covid-19.

Speaking of Rome and Ottorino:

Respighi always strident and simpatico with Mussolini.
Not a great choice and really second tier music at best.



As one who directed the Black Jesus PASSION PLAY that made headline new from the front page of the New York Post to The Today Show, Spain, Poland and beyond, these still born photo’s of GODSPELL made me shudder.

They look like GODSPELL on life support. We must RETHINK what Theatre means and not pacify it by plastic subterfuge. there are extraordinary productions of Greek tragedy live and on-line from Athens. The audience is social distanced. there was a remarkable RIGOLETTO in the Circus Maximus that used cars as part of the mise-en-scene for distance, but no masks. they are thrilling solutions as Art of theatre not subterfuge.


Bravi a tutti a Roma !!


American Phantasmagoria (Lulu.com) comes to life across the country.

American Phantasmagoria (Lulu 2020)

Newark, NJ | in The New York Times
Let’s look further back at the terrible immigrant history by the WASPS against almost anyone else. From the Irish being crushed in the Civil War Draft Riots followed by “No Irish Need Apply” in 1870’s NYC.
Discrimination against my Italian immigrant Family (1890-1927) with the 1920-27 arrest & execution of SACCO & VANZETTI and the suppression of their language and culture. American WASP elites labeled them as Africans in the South of Italy because they were dark skinned. Called WOPS (without papers) greasers they suffered in America.
The Germans lost their language and culture in and around WWI. In Union City, THE PASSION PLAY was originally performed in German honoring their Oberamegau connections. Lutherans hated the Catholics and the Jews.
Italian immigrants were lynched in New Orleans. Also imprisoned via La Storia segreta (the secret History) during World War II like the Japanese. Does anyone remember the complexity of discrimination in America ?
June 8, 2020
Response to Charles Blow in The NYTimes.
With Black Mayor’s in Newark for 50 years and many other Cities, failure could also be the fault of those in charge, Corruption ? Member’s of the Black caucus in Congress and the Senate. Mr. Blow’s anger has trumped his reason.
In my life I profoundly remember discrimination against Catholic’s. As a child we marched in the Holy Name parades in Newark en masse as well. There was a film by Otto Preminger: THE CARDINAL that demonstrated bigotry against Catholic’s in the South.
He should see it. There are economic disparities here in Newark and the Rust Belt and a entrenched upper middle class Black population. C’mon Mr. Blow.

Dr Acton a heroine for Ohio and all of us.

danielpquinn684 | Newark, NJ
Dr Acton should be broadcast as a public service on all the networks (and trump should be forced to watch it). His Lincoln Memorial act (still makes me shudder). That event was a scandal. Dr Acton like Cuomo is a voice for humanity and the greater good for all of us. Even after sheltering in place since early March, I do thank them both.

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