Awards Double Headers on Film 12/20-9/22.

Film Festival Double AwardsEach of these Festival’s asked me to submit more entries after our first awards with them.  Afraid to do so because of the cost,but I took the risk and  we won a second time.
Kurdistan International Independent Film FestivalErbil, Iraq
SACCO & VANZETTI: BURN !!!Honorable MentionSeptember 3, 2022Short Documentary

Death of HerculesSeptember 21, 2021Honorable MentionBest Actress 
Rome, Italy Sweet Democracy Film Awards,
Death of Hercules May 9, 2022        Drama Short  
Sacco & Vanzetti: BURN !!! April 9, 2022                        Director          Paris, France Beyond the Curve International Film Festival,
Death of Hercules        SACCO & VANZETTI: BURN !!!December 24, 2020       August 25, 2021    Award Winner,       Best Director,Best Actress        
Outstanding Achievement Certificate

These Festival’s also awarded us Special Certificates from Bali, Indonesia, Sweden, and Paris, France (below): 
4th Dimension Independent Film FestivalDeath of Hercules, Bali, Indonesia,January 3, 2022, Finalist 
Swedish International Film FestivalSACCO & VANZETTI: BURN !!!December 7, 2021Finalist, Best Director

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