Paul Krugman, Potenza, Masini and ArtsPR in 2022

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DPQuinn | New JerseyPaul you are forgetting the Know Nothing Party which reflects so much of the Republicans today. The KNP (which was sidelined by Lincoln) eventually morphed into the KKK, Dixie-crats, and today’s Trumpies aka non-RINO’s.
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Here is a citation on Potenza, where Antonio Masini (1933-2018) worked and lived and Potenza’s sister City Denver Colorado. Does anyone have any contacts in Denver so we could mount this show and focus on mile-high Potenza as well ?
Potenza is located in the Basilicata region in southern Italy. The city is one of the highest regional capitals in Italy and overlooks the Basento valley. During the time of the Romans, Potenza had taken the side of the enemies of Rome during the wars against the Brutti.Potenza – Life in Italy
My contacts there include the artist Antonio Masini (1933-2019) whose works I have shown here, and others who work in Archeology when this area was part of Magna Grecia in ancient times.
We need your support:
“We must RETHINK what Theatre means and not pacify it by plastic subterfuge.” — Daniel P Quinn
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DPQuinn | New Jersey
Very interesting, adroit, and helpful—one can only hope that all the powers to be or not to be WILL read and act on this for the greater good, and not by 6 to 3.
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/ — ArtsPRunlimited, Inc
Before Covid-19, we presented Newark, Italy and me ( at Watchung Books in Montclair (1/20) honored Syria at Fattal’s (2/20) in Paterson. Kevin Kramer designed American Phantasmagoria ( over 2 years of work, We began a marketing effort on EIN Press as well since 2020-22.
From Sophocles’ ELEKTRA, THE WOMEN OF TRACHIS, & Seneca’s MEDEA we have shown our love for Greek tragedies (even if by a Roman).
As one who directed the Black Jesus PASSION PLAY that made headline news from the front page of the New York Post to The Today Show, Spain, Poland and beyond, we need our classical roots . We must RETHINK what Theatre means and not pacify it by plastic subterfuge. There are extraordinary productions of Greek tragedy live and on-line from Athens. The audience is social distanced. There was a remarkable RIGOLETTO in the Circus Maximus that used cars as part of the mise-en-scene for distance, but no masks. They are thrilling solutions as Art of theatre not subterfuge.
Red Wheelbarrow Press published FURIES 4 Covid-19 (2020). Our Founder Daniel P Quinn also had over 175 blogs published by The New York Times on the Arts, History and Politics since March during COVID-19.
In 2019 we celebrated Chinese New Year Celebration at NJPAC, Frank Lloyd Wright House in Glen Ridge; PATERSON Book One in Oradell; Lincoln program at Tryp Newark; Philadelphia Orchestra at NJPAC and presented a gripping staged reading of American Phantasmagoria starring Ellen Lanese; Eric Hafen; Anthony Spaldo and Don Zirilli under Daniel P Quinn’s direction at The Williams Center.
We presented Book 1 of William Carlos Williams’ PATERSON at the Oradell Library noted “our rare and intriguing program and the lively question and answer period.” We again thank the Friends of the Library, Christine Conforti and Patricia Flynn.
Honoring Sophocles in 2022.Our work included Sophocles’ ELEKTRA at Ramapo College of NJ; Seneca’s MEDEA via Rome, and our DVD showcasing The Death of Herakles (Hercules) from Sophocles’ THE WOMEN OF TRACHIS. This captured a virtuoso performance by Ellen Lanese from Off-Broadway on in the translation by Michael Jameson.

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