The Don Jr. side-show in Ohio… 

DPQuinn | New Jersey 5/1/22
Ugly and frightening.
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danielpquinn684, Newark, NJ May 5, 2020 in Ohio.
Dr Acton should be broadcast as a public service on all the networks (and trump should be forced to watch it). His Lincoln Memorial act (still makes me shudder). That event was a scandal. Dr Acton like Cuomo is a voice for humanity and the greater good for all of us. Even after sheltering in place since early March, I do thank them both.
Tom, Hudson Valley @danielpquinn684Dr. Acton only stands a chance of getting more attention if you share this video on social media. There are millions who will not see this article in The New York Times, but they will see it on Facebook, if you share it.
June Charleston @danielpquinn684She is a woman and an intellectual with expertise. The Con Man hates women with her qualities because they diminish him.danielpquinn684 ,
 Newark, NJ@Tom I will do that and also on my VIP ArtsPR outreach as best I can. Thank you for sharing.
danielpquinn684danielpquinn684, Newark, NJJune
I thought of her as a Joan of Arc for this combative timedanielpquinn, Newark, NJ 9/1/20 The New York Times
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I thought almost everybody in Djt’s cabinet was “Acting.” How did this guy get confirmed ? Acclamation by the RNC, recrimination by DNC or old fashioned Senate stonewalling ? Maybe they should all take golf lessons as a change of pace. The swamp is getting deeper every day.
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