Sophocles in Rome, Turkey, Bali, Paris and Iraq in 2022.

ArtsPRunlimited, Inc
BCCIF EllenSweet Democracy Film Festival is in Rome, Italy.Daniel P Quinn as Best Director with 4th Dimension Film Festival is in Bali, Indonesia for this Sophocles play.
We are thrilled to announce that our short film: The Death of Hercules won accolades from Paris, Bali, Indonesia, Anatolia, Turkey from Outstanding Achievement Award for Beyond the Curve International Film Festival in Paris, France to Honorable Mention in Kurdistan, Erbil, Iraq.
Focused on the Death of  Hercules (Herakles) from Sophocles’ THE WOMEN OF TRACHIS. Designed by Jennifer Long, starring Ellen Lanese as solo performer and directed by Daniel P Quinn Off-Broadway.
With my background in Intercultural Studies and Cultural Exchange, we received word that  Death of Hercules was Selected for Best Lead Actress (6/22) in Anatolia, Turkey.
We are thrilled for our 5th Award for DEATH of HERCULES. First in Beyond the Curve International Film Festival in Paris, then Iraq, Indonesia, Rome. and now Turkey. Substack: https://daniel3fd.substack.comWordPress:

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