Local Knowledge ; Red Wheelbarrow; Lulu.com and AuthorHouse.com with Daniel P Quinn.

Daniel P Quinn’s “Short Plays to Long Remember”; The Herald News; Audiophile Voice; Co-Tech; Italian Voice; Performing Arts Journal; or Theatre Journal articles.

Daniel P Quinn Apr 14, 20212

Daniel P Quinn’s writing has appeared in Short Plays to Long Remember; The Italian Tribune; The Herald News; Audiophile Voice; Sensations; Theatre Journal; Italian Voice; Performing Arts Journal; Local Knowledge; Letters in The New York Times and now over 800 blogs during Covid-19.

“Daniel P. Quinn takes readers on a guided tour of his prolific career as an actor, director and producer through “a series of journalistic snapshots in a scrapbook of theatrical adventures.” The Montclair Times.

Special programs could include book signings with backstage stories from Milan to Dublin, Rome and NYC. Books include : Newark, Italy + Me (Lulu.com); “organized labor” (Author House.com); and his 3 plays in American Phantasmagoria (Lulu.com).

“Lively articles, letters and other documents MERGE into a personal narrative, Exits and Entrances constructs a detailed, behind-the-scenes look at the challenges and successes Quinn experienced as he managed to create 25 years of working off-Broadway and beyond” The Montclair Times

Quinn’s career has spanned the productions of such notable shows as the U.S. premieres Edward Bond’s plays Stone, Derek and other works by British playwright; Sacco & Vanzetti by Daniel Gabriel, Away Alone by Janet Noble, and Two and Twenty by Paul Parente, and revivals of The Women of Trachis by Sophocles, and works by Seneca, John Maguire (1877), the controversial Black Jesus Passion Play in 1997 and 1998, and composers such as Stephen Foster, Hanns Eisler, Louis Morreau Gottschalk, Kurt Weill and Hector Berlioz.

Quinn also received The Short Play Festival Award for his work as producer on Two and Twenty, The Irish Institute Award for Honesty Is the Best Policy and Diary of a Madman received a Best Actor OBIE as well. He is also the author of “organized labor” (Author House) which achieved notable coverage on American Public Radio, The Coast Star, The Bergen Record, Irish Post, and The Italian Voice. “organized labor’ has been called “poignant and alive,” “wonderful,” and refreshing.”

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Short Story

More from daniel p quinn

Blogs in The New York Times; AMERICAN PHANTASMAGORIA (Lulu,com); “organized labor“(Author House); Red Wheelbarrow; The Herald News; PAJ; Theatre Journal; Word Press.

Feb 21

Calamari can be edible if prepared properly.

Forse: dieci anni con pazienza.

Mostly mare alla sea to shining see.

From the Irish- Italian to my Family in South Jersey only.

Every 10 years with patience (and fortitude).

Our NY Public Library connection…

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