Christine Conforti to do book signing on 5/6/22 at Uncorked.

“The Legend of the Season, Magic of the Pearls” was inspired by an accidental photo of the Great Falls of Paterson. 


A mysterious white splotch appeared in the photo giving rise to the profound story of a heroine who saves the new world from a virus… in Paterson before Paterson was Paterson. 

This story was first published in 2007. 

Christine Conforti founded the Ivanhoe Artists Mosaic Inc in 2006 a not-for-profit arts organization. hosting daily and seasonal events,  and exhibitions in Paterson, New Jersey’s historical Ivanhoe Wheelhouse. Christine developed a substantial following and expanded her work to many locations around her community. She created various classical and experimental theatrical works while simultaneously building a platform for other artists including youth.

In 2013 she created the Teen Arts Lab funded by HUD an arts/history after school program for teens. Christine then shifted focus and became a part of a commission to paint the 75 foot wall facing the Great Falls of Paterson in 2016 and again in 2018. The mural is still there in the Great Falls National and Historical Park. Christine annually curates an art exhibition there during the Great Falls Labor Day Festival and has appeared in various programs throughout the tri-state area.

Many of Christine’s writings were born out of historical facts. The Legend of the Season, developed from a photo taken when the Great Falls were completely dry.

The photo led to the story and the story inspired Christine to paint 26 paintings for this enchanting book. Don’t miss this unique one-of-a-kind experience in storytelling.

In 2021 Magic of the Pearls was ranked #1 Best Selling ebook in 20 categories, in 5 countries. 

For more information call 973-800-9988

You can order the book on Amazon

You can see more of Christine’s writings here:

1 thought on “Christine Conforti to do book signing on 5/6/22 at Uncorked.

  1. Looking forward to it. Yours sincerely, Daniel P Quinn, Director/Writer/Curator 351 Broad St. B-1702, Newark, NJ 07104-3304


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