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FB and me.

Daniel P QuinnNov 241

FB and me.

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DPQuinn | New Jersey 11/24/21

My account on FB was hacked—–and the egregious, invasive questions they ask does not permit me to reopen it. Like Atlantic City casino’s MZ and FB hold all the cards. This monopoly also waylaid my Instagram account. While still experiencing withdrawal FB symptoms, I grow happier day by day without FB ever again.

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has used your account without your knowledge.

Account locked October 29, 2021

To protect you, your profile is not visible to people on Facebook

and you can’t use your account.

 DPQuinn | New Jersey 11/2/21

FB plans to shut down !!!! sorry I was in meta mode.

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ArtsPRunlimited,Inc | 351 Broad St, B1702, Newark, NJ 07104

The New York Times

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DPQuinn | New Jersey
America has taken in millions from my Grandfather from Italy and my Great-Grandparents from Ireland. We both need and fear immigrants but America leads assimilation in the World. Germany has been generous here but we rebuilt them after WWII. Biden and Merkel have some similar qualities. The Republicans more or less are a disgrace internally and externally as well. We just have to get our Dreamers citizenship, and honor the desperate plight of the Haitians. Many have done well in NJ too. And the Arabs have transformed South Paterson to a shopping and dining mecca. Like the Koreans in Ft. Lee.
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Daniel P Quinn,

The Grief Deck publishes FURIES 4 Covid-19
Picking up the pieces online or Independent book store for 21-22 as The Grief Deck published FURIES 4 Covid-19 by Daniel P Quinn.
ArtsPR is still struggling to update our plans for 2021/22 amidst the chaotic web; world in which we live with overwrought temperatures, floods, fires, droughts and Covid-19.”— — PICKING UP THE PIECES FROM 2020 while linking the past from The Grief Deck to create a better future for all of us.
Near the end of 2019 we had plans for a diverse 2020 season. Of these, we did achieve a January 30th program on Newark, Italy and me (Lulu Books 2019) at as a special event at Watchung Books in Montclair. To honor the grim plight of Syria we also did an outreach program to introduce members of our ArtsPR community to Fattal’s Syrian store in Paterson. We have…

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