AMERICAN PHANTASMAGORIA ( by Daniel P Quinn “swaggers’. “Newark, Italy and me” looks back a century.

Newark, Italy and me (

AMERICAN PHANTASMAGORIA ( : “FantLastic”. Ojai, California
“A wonderful book”. North Carolina.
Extravagant and provocative – Oradell, NJ.
Rhode Island:” FANGS TO RICHES in AMERICAN PHANTASMAGORIA: “Amazing how topical the play is in our time.”
FANGS TO RICHES was a finalist for the Rave Theatre Festival Off-Broadway in 2019.
Malachy McCourt did a dramatic reading of THE ROCKING CHAIR under the direction of Francine Trevens at Barnes&Noble Lincoln Center.
FANGS and THE ROCKING CHAIR also appeared in Short Plays to Long Remember (2010/11) by TNT books. SPTLR was also a Finalist in the Independent Book Awards.
AMERICAN PHANTASMAGORIA is dedicated to the memory of Francine Trevens and Claudio Abbado.

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