Madrid, Brooklyn, Ford’s Theatre, NY City Opera.

Daniel P Quinn,

Teatro Real (1851-2020) Opera House inMadridand Ford’s Theatre in Washington, DC.byDaniel P Quinn
In 2013 Teatro Real premiered an Opera based on the life of Walt Disney in Madrid,Apparently, Disney had authoritarian and fascist sympathies
Teatro Real took 32 years of construction before the neo-classical building opened with a ”La Favorita” by Donizetti in 1850. It functioned until ”La Boheme ” (1924) revealed deep cracks when the building was considered unsafe and forced its close.
A military dictatorship embraced by King Alfonso XIII governed Spain from 1923 to 1930, but municipal elections held in April 1931 deposed the king and ushered in the so-called Second Republic. Republican candidates passed measures that reduced the power and influence of the military, the Catholic Church, property-owning elites and other entrenched interests.
Franco, (1892-1975) a known authoritarian rightist, was reprimanded for criticizing the actions and the Spanish Civil War began. Millions…

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