American Literature in Century 21.

Broadway, Art, Economics during COVID19 created AMERICAN PHANTASMAGORIA
(Lulu Books) written in house-Quarantine
during 2020..
April 17, 2021 / —
Daniel P Quinn’s ” AMERICAN
PHANTASMAGORIA” and “Newark, Italy
and me” published as Lulu Books.

Newark, Italy + Me. Cover Image
Newark, Italy + Me. (Paperback)Exits
and Entrances: Producing OffBroadway, Opera and Beyond: 1981-
2006 Cover Image
$19.95 (LULU Books)
Exits and Entrances: Producing OffBroadway, Opera and Beyond: 1981-
2006 (Paperback)
by Daniel P. Quinn; $19.99 (Author
organized labor: collected poems
Cover Image
by Daniel P. Quinn (Author House);
American Phantasmagoria Cover
by Daniel P. Quinn (LULU Books);DQ at WCW
Broadway, Art, Economics during COVID-19.
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Founder of ArtsPRunlimited, Inc., Daniel P Quinn also received The Short Play Festival Award for Two and Twenty, Irish Institute Award for Honesty Is the Best Policy, and his co-production of Diary of a Madman received an OBIE.
Other media coverage: Irish Post, Madison, Wisconsin, The Star-Ledger; Staten-Island Advance;
The Bergen Record and The Irish Voice. His “organized labor” was featured on National Public
Radio and also now a Podcast. The Coast Star, Bergen Record, and The Italian Voice covered his
Paterson Arts Festival’s; Book signings; Malachy McCourt and others said said “organized labor”
was “poignant and alive,” “wonderful,” and “refreshing.” His work was also published in Red
Wheelbarrow Press (2015-2021) and Local Knowledge (2016). The New York Times published 270 Blogs by Daniel P Quinn since 2019-21.

ArtsPRunlimited, Inc
This press release can be viewed online at:


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