Montclair w/ArtsPR meet.

Subject: A&A CONSUL-T-ANTS, 2021 wine, food and us.

Servants housing behind the Newark Museum Ballantine Family estate, Newark, NJ.View of the walled Ballantine estate now part of the Newark Museum Sculpture Garden, adjoining their Carriage House. Photo by Kevin Kramer.A&A CONSUL-T-ANTS, LLC has donated wine for all of our ArtsPR special events. We want to acknowledge their support. We thank Anthony Verdoni for his support over 20 years.
Le French dad in Montclair donated a huge quiche for our Fair Lawn Library program with ham and cheese. Everyone loved it.
Giotto in Montclair has always donated exquisite food for our events as well.
Frank Bruni suggested the end of hambuger is near. Below is my reply. Your comment has been approved with The New York Times community.
danielpquinn | Newark, NJ 3/7/21
Italians in Italy would be horrified, let alone this Irish-Italian who has been cooking both cuisines my entire life. While I have not eaten steak in decades, I am not opposed to veal, sausage or meat.
No prosciutto, no basil meatballs !!! Parma would laugh at us, the French and the Irish etc.
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