Legacy of the Irish 1821-2021. Lest we forget immigration then and now.

 On current American-Irish Historical Society saga:
The AIHS was a strange place. We “performed” for their members but were not ever paid. The Cahill chair was empty except when he deemed to attend. Never met him or went back with any of our Award Irish Institute winning work. Very sad.
No Irish Need Apply” Emigration: Then + Now Series 1821-2021 and the legacy of The Know Nothing Party in 2021.‌ArtsPRunlimited, Inc is part of Fractured Atlas<https://www.fracturedatlas.org/site/fiscal/profile?id=11419>We would like do a special showingof HONESTY this year in 2021with the Grace of God in America..”No Irish Need Apply”was an intense anti-Irish immigrant period in NYC.This followed the Civil war draft Riots about 12 yearsearlier. My production has been included in the archives of theTheatre Collection at Lincoln Center, and archived with documents inthe Museum of the City of NY. 
 ArtsPRunlimited, Inc is part of Fractured Atlas<https://www.fracturedatlas.org/site/fiscal/profile?id=11419>

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