POE(tic) license via Baltimore and da Bronx.

Edgar Allan Poe (1809-49): !
Poe has been part of my Literary life for decades from The Fall of the House of Usher and The Library of America compilation.
In Poe’s original story there was a striking allusion to Carl Maria von Weber (1786- 1826) the noted German composer and Romantic. We used a wild orchestral piece by Weber for our staged reading. More recently (today) I was equally astonished to realize that their lives both ended at age 40.
Poe appears in “organized labor” book (Author House 2005) as a Tribute.
USHER as a mythical mystic figure was very different and a phenomenal challenge for me personally. Suddenly, I feel the presence of POE and must now keep my silence.
Poetry in Transformation.
I’ve been to Baltimore,
to the Bronx.
I’ve seen your cottage
as an outsider
looking in.
I’ve read
some of your books
and hear your name.
I can see you:
dead in the gutter.
This is in homage
to you:
POE A Tree.
It might be useless,
But I do think of you for support.
In the same way
you could not support yourself,
While swaying to support me.
“organized labor” (Author House 2005)
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