Louis Bamberger, my Mother, Family and me 1921-2021.

Bamberger’s was a division of Macy’s.

My archive of Bamberger’s World War II era photo’s from my Family. My Mother was a Hosiery buyer there for 17 years. My Aunt Jo Basso began in the Cashiers office and became Head of Payroll and worked there for 54 years. My other Aunt’s also worked there briefly during the Depression in the Bakery and the selling floor.

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Group photo at Washington and Halsey St., corner outside the loading docks with Newark Red Cross volunteers in the 1940’s.

My Mother performing as soloist at a Mother’s Day program. WOR-Radio originally broadcast from Newark at Bam’s.

Streetcars in Downtown + 1970 in Newark, NJ.

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Christmas at Bam’s on Market St. circa 1970.

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