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daniel p quinnJan 5·3 min read

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Lincoln’s ongoing legacy in Newark and NJ from 1861–1961 in 2021.

Abraham Lincoln appeared in Newark on the way to his Inauguration in 1861. We found a trove of newspaper clippings and the amazing footnote that Lincoln’s Great-Grandfather had a Farm in South Jersey. There were 5 variants of the address Lincoln gave in Newark by various reporters. Lincoln’s visit was again memorialized again by a new batch of 1916. Those articles on the 50th anniversary of his visit also included an amazing story on the widow of the owner of Ford’s Theatre who relocated to NJ.

During the 1961 Centenial of Lincoln’s visit he received major feature coverage again in NJ. My program would display all these documents and a personal archive on Ford’s Theatre. When I lived in Washington, I saw shows and returned to Ford’s Theatre numerous times. My lifelong interest in Lincoln also includes a a collection of articles by Herbert Mitgang over decades at The New York Times.

We will also talk about Gustav Bourglan who appears in my book Newark, Italy and me (Lulu 2019). We could drive to see Bourghlan’s Lincoln and the site where he spoke after our program and discussion including the Ward Coffee Company that opened in the 1860’s in Newark. as well. Our program will also include a view of the Newark Memorial to James Kearny in Military Park. There was also a wildly unexpected article that the City of Newark was opposed to the Civil War for economic reasons.

We will also see the site where Dutch Schultz was gunned down in Newark, and enjoy the ambiance of the former St. Frances Hotel from 1912 as a National Landmark and now Tryp Newark.

  1. Lincoln’s Funeral Train also came through Newark in 1865 as a nod to the Citizens of Newark that greeted him (that Lincoln himself noted on Broad St in 1861).

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Blogger in The New York Times (2020/21), AMERICAN PHANTASMAGORIA (Lulu 2019); “organized labor “ 2005 (Author House) Herald News; Performing Arts Journal.Jan 4

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