Forty over 40 in 2021.

Forty for 40 (1981-2021) in 2021.
This year 2021 is the Anniversary of my Off-Broadway debut and The New Stagecraft Company (1981-1995) which I ran for 14 years. Soho Booking was our non-profit agent w/Cultural Foundation. We were invited to appear at the Mitzi Newhouse Theatre at Lincoln Center; Rutgers University in Newark; Arts Festival, Lexington, NY; Foundation Theatre, Pemberton, NJ. Later worked with Irish Arts Center ; Park Theatre; Snug Harbor; Garibaldi-Meucci Museum; The Great George Festival (1996-2001); Morris Museum/Bickford Theatre; Irish-American Historical Society; Paterson Museum; Italian-American Museum; Botto House; Williams Center, Rutherford, NJ; John Jay College (2017); SUNY/Brockport; and founded ArtsPRunlimited, Inc. (2009-2021) among other places.
ArtsPRunlimited Inc is a sponsored program with
We also want to acknowledge those donors and friends who have been with us from 1981 until today.

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