Iago escapes; will djt ?

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danielpquinn | Newark, NJ 1/28/21
In OTHELLO Iago escapes. THE MASTER BUILDER died in a fit of hubris from the top of his building to the ground in smithereens. We have careened between hubris and incendiary evil as lies, deceit, smoke-screens and mania for 5 years. Many victims have already died. With the grace of God, Biden will quell the din, otherwise we may indeed be doomed.
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danielpquinn684 | Newark, NJ 6/11/20
Mr Krugman is a gift to all of us who listen to his insights. BUT his years are off kilter. Djt may say 1968, but he is clandestinely believing its 1984 and we are in “mind-control” by him. In a profound way he is living an alternative reality that ended in that nightmare year in violence, assassinations and death.
We the Cats are out of the bag and he is going back in.
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danielpquinn684 | Newark, NJ 4/26/20
1,200 comments, hundreds of hours wasted on National TV to recommend lysol for us. Reincarnated ring master akin to Don Rickles verbal assaults. Lethal, detached and president.
Several years ago I visited the ancient Greek City in Paestum, Italy. When I asked my colleague what happened he told me that legend and history suggested malaria was out of control, and the population left. Monasteries abandoned too and fro over time with other epidemics.
Now we see world Cities abandoned and no one in the administration seems to notice the dead and the ill. A plague on that house seems in order. Cuomo speaks figures, details and humanity. Djt ducks.
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