Italian-American archives in the Arts for 2022.

The Newark Library established an archive and bought a copy of my Newark, Italy and me ( It includes chapters on Naples Cultural Exchange Project; Antonio Masini; Potenza, Italy; Theatre Productions by Ciro Giorgio, Music by Sylvano Bussotti, and archeological research by Nicola Masini, from the USA to Naples, and Napoli to Newark on a rotating basis.

Importers, Corporations, Friends of Italy, Individuals, and Foundation are all Invited to lend in-kind, financial or sponsorship support for 2022-24.

Project is still in the planning stages with themes are Prelude, Overture, Chamber Music the first year. Dance, Music, and Art in the second year. Theatre, Opera, and Pompeii as well.

The theme is New Jersey/Naples, but we would certainly embrace Southern Italy, and Northern NJ for cultural outreach beyond just Newark and Naples to broaden the audience and awareness of this project. The cultural riches of both Cities and their regional impact. from the Opera at SanCarlo to the NJ Symphony, from Savion Glover to Neapolitan Dance, from Architectural Renovation and Preservation, to food. Research trips to Italy have also initiated contacts with specific artists from Naples, Potenza, Rieti, Salerno, Posta, and Castellucio Valmaggiore to take part. Mr. Quinn’s grandfather Giuseppe Antonio Basso emigrated from Foggia to Newark.

Work will also include Antonio Masini (1933-2018) exhibit focused on a collection of original lithographs, and paintings by Masini. His work has been seen in Gdansk, Berlin, Bucharest, Sao Paolo, Iquique, Milan, Perugia, & Naples among other cities in Canada and Australia as well. Masini’ s work was previously shown by Biricchino’s;, NYC; Trapezio Cafe Gallery, Nutley and the Morris Museum. More information on Mr. Quinn;s work in Italy is detailed in EXITS & ENTRANCES (2008) AuthorHouse and “organized Labor (2004). Mr Quinn’s award winning work includes The Short Play Festival, The Irish Institute, Catholic Charities, Co-Producer of OBIE award winning DIARY OF A MADMAN Off-Broadway.

In Paterson, the Festival focused on Lyons, France, Basilicata, Italy, William Carlos Williams’ PATERSON, and Gaetano Federici. He appeared on NPR Radio and YouTube w/SACCO * VANZETII as well. Daniel P Quinn;s books Exits & Entrances (2008) AuthorHouse or Organized Labor (2004) and ( or TNT Press in NYC.

ArtsPRunlimited announces Daniel P. Quinn, Author of ‘organized labor’ (AuthorHouse) is Available for Interviews on issues of work and labor in 2022.

Award Winning Director Daniel P Quinn receives Glowing Press Coverage for Exits & Entrances; 25 Years Off-Broadway, Opera and Beyond (AuthorHouse). Daniel P Quinn’s “Exits & Entrances,” AuthorHouse- (2008) earned kudos in The Irish Post, Wisconsin, Montclair Times, The Star Ledger, and Italian Voice and The Coast Star.

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