Biden is a relief in 2021.

Dear Friends,
Good Business Sense in The Times.
Thank you for sharing your thoughts with The New York Times community.
danielpquinn | Newark, NJ 1/15/21
Signs of sanity and decency would be welcome by all Americans. The Business community is starting to do the right thing.

Working with Joe Biden would be a welcome step forward out of the abyss we are now in. Thank you for letting reason and integrity being heard.
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A salute to Leo Buscaglia and “Love.”
Last week I received an update from Leo Buscaglia’s aptly named Felice Foundation. Leo turned down my initial request for support for SACCO&VANZETTI. Disheartened but nor defeated, I wrote back. In a few weeks his donation arrived in the mail.
Stephen Sondheim also turned me down and I asked him a second time after I received his letter. He also sent a check and over time donated signed copies of his CD’s which became raffle gifts. We began a multi-year correspondence. Thus began years of support.
“Begging for Bucks” was a memorable Arts Journal headline that I never forgot. Many times there is no response. Others give once, many have all made a difference in my life large or small.Especially these days during COVID 19.
Love always makes a difference.
Forecast: Stormy Weather.
danielpquinn684, Newark, NJ May 30
Emma Goldman said it best: It’s the organized violence at the top that creates the disorganized violence at the bottom.” about 1920.
Things have only gotten worse with the economic assault on the middle class since the 1970’s and the rise of oligarchs who control half the worlds money. A flame thrower like djt doesn’t help most of us in the middle or the bottom. 13 Recommended ShareDONATE TODAY VIA THIS LINK TO BRIGHTEN OUR FORECAST TOO:
ArtsPRunlimited,Inc | 351 Broad St, B1702, Newark, NJ 07104

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