Arts, History and Life in 2021.

Daniel P Quinn worked at LaScala in Milan, Italy. He loves doing programs on Broadway, Opera history from Maria Jeritza, to Beverly Sills in NORMA, Magda Olivero in TOSCA, and farewell recital’s by Roberta Peters, Franco Corelli, and Sills.

When Marilyn Horne lived in Orange she sang a concert performance with Henry Lewis of PRINCE IGOR. The Times could have lobbied for an Historic Site of Jeritza’s still standing estate as she frequented he Opera a Symphony Hall in Newark, as did Giovanni Martinelli, and even Imelda Marcos. Alfredo Silipigni devoted most of his career to the Opera in Newark, and made notable recordings of rarely heard opera’s by Mascagni and Leoncavallo as well.

Exits and Entrances includes chapters on history of Lyons, France and sister silk City Paterson, NJ. New Book Provides Behind-the-Scenes Look at 25 years Off-Broadway, Opera at LaScala, and Lyons including the Kennedy and Lincoln Centers as well as International Productions. Mr.Quinn has worked with first class writers and opera conductors including luminous names such as Frank McCourt and Claudio Abbado. Olympia Dukakis: on FANGS TO RICHES: “As a great many indictments of American culture…if performed w/gusto… it would have a strong impact….be an ideal project…for an audience. You’re a very talented man. “ Olympia. 2010 Next Generaton INDIE finalist award winner SHORT PLAYS TO LONG REMEMBER ISBN 978–1–886586–14–7

Finalist in Performing Arts category — 2012 USA Best Book AWARDS from BOOK NEWS! 2010 Next Generation Indie Book Finalist Award winner compiled and edited by Francine L. Trevens — an eclectic collection of 27 plays by 14 American authors including: Perry Brass, Daniel P. Quinn

Local Knowledge Press; Performing Arts Journal, 108 blogs in The New York Times (2020), Red Wheelbarrow Press , Lulu Books, The Herald News, Author House.




Maria Jeritza


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Local Knowledge Press; Performing Arts Journal, 108 blogs in The New York Times (2020), Red Wheelbarrow Press , Lulu Books, The Herald News, Author House.

Nov 29, 2017

ArtsPR rejects “fake news” in 2018.

ArtsPRunlimited rejects the high-end art auction at Sotheby for now-dead artists, the newly released $998- tkts for Bette Midler in HELL(o) DOLLY the scandalous…Read more · 1 min read

Nov 29, 2017

Tunisia program in 2021.

ArtsPRunlimited and Daniel P Quinn have developed thisF cultural exchange proposal via Tunis and the Pax Hannibal Alliance. We are very excited and committed to in spite of all the violence in the Arab world to show this award winning Tunisian Film in NJ.

Daniel P Quinn is an Award winning member of the Society of Stage Directors in Manhattan. His work has also been shown regionally at Burlington County College’s Foundation Theatre, Greene County Art Awarness Festival, Garibaldi-Meucci Museum, Snug Harbor, Rutgers University, William Carlos Williams Center, and Grover Cleveland National Landmark and Mitzi Newhouse Theatre at Lincoln Center. He has premiered plays by Edward Bond in NYC, and Tom Murphy in Rome, Italy. He was also a guest of the French government for a Lyons, France exchange with his Arts Festival in Paterson, NJ, and a guest of Aer Lingus at the Dublin Theatre Festival. He has also appeared on the Today show, NPR radio for his book “organized labor”, and else where on the web and …Read more · 3 min read

Nov 29, 2017

Trump Days of reckoning and recklessness.

As we begin to clearly see Trumps mind bending comments, fake facts, and disregard for decency, we must respond in kind. We too must expand on the 21st century and our malaise. When the TV media began Hollywood Mania programs (including Trump)in lieu of the evening news at 7pm, they were at fault.

The stock market rises to new heights of madness, but it must correct itself from this rampant speculation.

We must begin to recognize the 30 years of separation between a living wage that stopped rising decades ago (if one factors in both parents working full time jobs and the present decline of living standards. …Read more · 2 min read

ArtsPRunlimited announces Daniel P. Quinn is available for book signing or media appearances for “Exits & Entrances: Producing Off-Broadway and Beyond,” at colleges, universities or book stores through 2017–18.. From Lyons, France to Paterson, NJ, from New York to Rome, Italy, Newark to outside Philadelphia.

He was also affiliated with the Bickford Theatre in Morristown as a Guest Producer with BEFORE THE CRASH ! ; John Trause’s epic Latter-Day Litany, Opera Bis !; Yeats’ PURGATORY with Mickey Kelly, and After The Ball in recent seasons, and BEFORE THE CRASH ! in 2011.

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