Century 21 meets “organized labor.”

ArtsPRunlimited, IncArtsPR links AMERICAN PHANTASMAGORIA within this crisis to transform our lives and “organized labor” too.
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danielpquinn | Newark, NJ
@danielpquinn E PLUIRBUS UNUM IS BACK !!!! 12/12/20
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Malachy McCourt on “organized labor” by Daniel P Quinn.
“In these times of studied ignorance idiocy illiteracy and strutting ingnoramusses, it’s a relief to read Daniel P Quinn’s adroitly titled ‘organized labor’.
“Quinn is adept at the written word as he is at the spoken word with all his theatrical ventures. Reading this collection you can almost hear the gentle strains of an operatic aria in the Italian parts and musicality is not absent in the other parts.
A small book perhaps but rich in content and well worth taking on a short or long trip. “Malachy McCourt, NYTimes Best Selling Author.
Book Details Author HouseOrder (800) 839-8640 Toll Free or Press CopiesISBN : 9781418403577
“organized labor” is a wonderful book. Language is very specific + images powerful. Poems that evoke old New York and also address recent issues we face today in the world since 9/11.” Davidson Garrett

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