Sylvano Bussotti, composer.

ArtsPRunlimited, Inc
Tribute to composer Sylvanno Bussotti in Italy. For many years I corresponded with Signor Bussotti trying to present his music here. We finally met when he was a guest artist at the Guggenheim Museum. His music was premiered by the NYPhilharmonic at Lincoln Center.
His music was heard in Brooklyn last year in 2019. Here is a recent update.
ARTISTS: FRANCES-MARIE UITTILUCIANO CHESSANICHOLAS ISHERWOODSYLVANO BUSSOTTIEssential Repertoire: The Music of Sylvano Bussotti 12/6/19.Controversial and formidable, the Italian composer Sylvano Bussotti (b. 1931) is recognized in American academic circles for his intricate and poetic graphic scores, but is often overlooked as a trailblazing total-artist, whose 70-year career spans grand opera, theater, film, dance, and queer activism. He is recognized in Europe, as a protean creator and mise-en-scène of spectacular experiments in music, art, and performance.As part of Brooklyn’s mercurial Darmstadt series, the composer and pianist Luciano Chessa organized that evening of Bussotti’s finest graphic scores, from Sette Fogli to Fogli d’Album to Autotono, and will include the NYC premiere of Bussotti’s Variazioni Chessa (2011)
Foglio grigiofrom Silvano Sylvano (2002-2004) for bassCentoundici tocchi a Stefano. Impromptus Cloirec (1999) for pianoIsherwood Isherwood (2007) for bass and pianoFogli d’Album (1970) for cello, bass and pianoSensitivoper arco solo (from Sette fogli, 1959)Variazioni Chessa(2010) for piano and percussionPosto in capo from Tieste (1989/1993) for bassAUTOTONO (1978) for open ensemble
This was presented in partnership with the Italian Cultural Institute as part of Notti Sylvane, a two-day mini festival featuring a lecture, musical performance, and screening of Bussotti’s film Rara (1967–69) in December of 2019.

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