Czar/Kaiser via Julius Ceasar, Handel and us.

Opera Daily 🎶 — Giulio Cesare
Opera DailyDec 263

Welcome to the Wednesday edition of Opera Daily, the best opera community on the internet. If you’re reading this but haven’t subscribed yet, join 4,018 smart, curious folks by subscribing here 🎉The 1967 production of Handel’s Giulio Cesare at the New York City Opera. (Photo Credit: Beth Bergman)Read →

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Daniel P QuinnDec 2
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The City Opera lucked out with the International press dismayed by The Met fiasco of Samuel Barber’s opera ANTONY & CLEOPATRA but thrilled by Handel. Sills commandeered the role over Phyllis Curtain. Norman Treigle was supposed to be the star but Sills got most of the press. 2ReplyDelete
Daniel P Quinn21 hr ago
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Sills, Treigle and the demise of the City Opera are all missed too.

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