Aeschylus and us

Aeschylus speaks for us:
Even in our sleep, pain which cannot forgetFalls drop by drop upon the heart until in our ownDespair against our will comesWisdom through the awful grace of God.

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danielpquinn | Newark, NJ 9/30/20
Once was too much by half. A second or third perditious and maniacal or suicidal for America (on the world stage) and in our living rooms. There was a brilliant comment on the web, to do like Zoom and turn each mike on and shut off in sequence.
But I think the DEBATE (misnomer) ended last night in shame. SILENCE IS GOLDEN !View your comment

We received an invitation to present a program and book signing with Exits&Entrances (2008). My book features his inscribed photo by Norman Treigle as Arrigo Boito’s MEFISTOFELE. E&E is dedicated to his memory as one of the great opera singers of my lifetime.
ArtsPRunlimited Inc is a sponsored program with Fractured Atlas <>‌

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