Blogs, Broadway and nostalgia before Covid-19 in 2020.

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danielpquinn | Newark, NJ 10/23/20

An apt comparison is The Great Depression, not Viet Nam. THAT is where we are heading in 2020/21. View your comment

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Broadway in repeat mode: danielpquinn684 | Newark, NJ

Brain dead and money out of control. Box office grosses with inflated egregious prices. TDF discounts (beyond my budget). As a Award winning director, Broadway was once my goal. Now it seems like a gang of producers at every awards show…

Hype and gripe sway… Eons ago Liza Minelli inflated $100- tickets for The Act (and The Times published my letter) in 1977 Pocket change now for some.

Way too much for me.
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What’s left of West Side Story ?: Newark, NJ Feb. 21
Ivan destroyed The Crucible. I saw the 60 minutes feature on West side story and was alarmed by the gargantuan rear screen where the cast looked like ants. This is a hatred of live theatre gone wild. An ego trip I will surely miss. Thanks Ben.

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The Democratic debate: danielpquinn684 Newark, NJ Feb. 20
It was a degrading mess. During the first hour I kept turning it on and off. Democrats don’t need a demolition derby as djt tramples integrity, honesty and l


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