American Phantasmagoria (Lulu 2020); “Exits + Entrances, 25 years off-Broadway, Opera and Beyond”; Short Plays to Long Remember (TNT); “organized labor”: “Labor Poems with Grit and Passion”, (Author House) by Daniel P Quinn.

In part these books are a reclamation of my grandfathers journey from Italy to Newark in 1899. Newark has artistic roots from Armenia, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, France and beyond. Immigration is a ongoing event. The past is indeed prologue to our present and future.

Welcome to my Newark, Nevarca and the new old sod in New Jersey. Daniel P Quinn also wrote: “Exits + Entrances, 25 years off-Broadway, Opera and Beyond” (2007); Short Plays to Long Remember (TNT 2010) and “organized labor”: (Author House 2005) includes “Poems with Grit and Passion”. Mr. Quinn’s writing has also been published by Red Wheelbarrow (2015-20); Local Knowledge (2016), The Newark Library and Sensations.

“As a member of three labor unions, and I really enjoyed Daniel P Quinn’s collection of poems, Organized Labor. Mr. Quinn’s use of language and imagery paints a picture of an era that hardly exists anymore. His poems also touch on topics that we all face today in an ever-changing global society. If you like poems that are alive with truth and deep emotional observation, you will enjoy the poems of this man who sees the world in a highly unique fashion” by Davidson Garrett in his web review.

These books are for sale at;; Amazon Books; or your favorite independent book store like Watchung Books in Montclair, NJ.

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Newark, Italy + Me Then and Now, by Daniel P Quinn

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