The Exterminating Angel by Thomas Ades astounds in 2020.

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THE EXTERMINATING ANGEL by Thomas Ades premiered at The Met in 2017. Seen recently in an encore viewing in 2020 it moves to the forefront of Art and Opera for our Covid-19 time.
Aides opera has astounding repercussions for COVID-19. Society falls apart as high dressed society seemingly at The Met for a Gala confront the Exterminating Angel. Ades conducted his haunting score at this Met Broadcast Premiere in 2017.

” The Exterminating Angel is a nightmare whose time seems to have come again. In a time of political uncertainty unparalleled in recent memory, our shared sense of “what next?” panic and inertia finds its echo in these people who can barely rouse themselves to leave a room, or take any decisive action beyond attempting to survive. It certainly should, and both productions will be essential viewing – but audiences should probably hold off on ordering their taxis until they’ve managed to leave the theatre”. Reviewed in The Guardian (2017).

EXTERMINATING ANGEL is sung in high pitched English. The complex but ultimately moving score features English subtitles that fill in the blanks when enunciation falls victim to distress.
When seen on All Arts channel via my DVD antenna in my window. That was a gift from a friend. They knew I could not afford cable TV then or now but THE EXTERMINATING ANGEL may change your life in 2020.
Daniel P Quinn, 10/20 Read Story Donate Now
recommend that The Met Opera should re-broadcast EXTERMINATING ANGEL to fully appreciate Ades masterpiece for Covid-19 in 2020.

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