Honoring Leontyne Price while she is still with us.

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danielpquinn | Newark, NJ
Counter-intuitive thou art djt ? WHY ? Can they grace never learn anything ? Are you serious ? Are you president ? Just because Thy grace says the moon is cheese, it is surely knot. But I am recalcitrant in protective gear as I serve thee dinner at The White House. It is sullied. Weird. It is turning, green, it seems with envy Thy grace. Watch out, the mold is increasing, and the virus like Thee may suffer a rout.
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Honoring Leontyne Price while she is still with us.
Encoring the Passing of Arthur Mitchell. Arthur Mitchell was a guiding light at NY City Ballet even as he left to found Dance Theatre of Harlem. Mitchell had financial woes with his Company but he was always a gentleman and inspired figure. His Creole GISELLE was a masterpiece when I saw it at the Kennedy Center and needs to be revived in Century 21.

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