Puccini, Price, + Manon Lescaut.

Opera Daily 🎶 — Manon Lescaut
Opera Daily Sep 11
44Today we’re listening to…“In quelle trine morbide,” a soprano aria from Act II of the four-act Italian opera Manon Lescaut by Giacomo Puccini. As I mentioned on Wednesday, we are moving to more formalized themes on Monday, so I decided I would take my last opportunity to go rogue and bring back Read →
Priceless still in our time.

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Daniel P QuinnSep 11Liked by Opera DailySaw Leontyne Price do MANON LESCAUT in a dreadful 1949 production at The Met about 1980. She made the best of it in a production that had become threadbare over 31 years. The Met has rough nights like this not to mention Martin Rich conducting TOSCA in 1970.Who you might ask was he ? 2ReplyDelete
Opera DailySep 11? 1Reply
Daniel P QuinnSep 11Liked by Opera DailyRich was a substitute on house staff.

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