Preponderance, prepositions and the election votes.

The preponderance of the “evidence” indicts djt himself with his inane attacks on the election results, even before the Country votes or the results are tabulated. At least he waited until after his inauguration, to clam a “recount” of those numbers by doctored photographs.

Trump world is a cold malicious place so he stokes the fires of lies and rage in place of integrity, kindness, and humanity. As djt bellows he indicts himself by distorted projections of reality. This emperor may have the clothes but not much else to show his base .

God Bless Cindy McCain, and all the former members of his White House staff…

Maybe there is hope yet ?


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danielpquinn | Newark, NJ
Djt is a raging dry drunk. Now on steroids that feed his addictive personality to fame and adulation, we do not know the depths he/we will plumet.

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