Daniel P Quinn profiled in The Begen Record

 Seemingly blown out of proportion 
the intensity
of the screams of anger & disgust
 at the position
 in which this society sits:
Docile Bloated Obese
While mocking 
Reducing the rhetoric
to ridicule or worse
Yet, It is necessary
to understand 
not the nobility
 of such phrases 

But the reality
Behind the frustration 
That Creates Indignation. 

Nobility can be something
besides class.
 Simple to play a game 
of intellectual superiority 
engage in a show of force 
for what farce is this?

Difficult to recognize
 the impulse behind 
the reality of the rhetoric:
By not dismembering
 its content
for lack of grammatical rigor 
by recognizing its passion.
Foolish to use the vocabulary 
of the haves
 against the have nots. 

Simple to tear up a piece of paper
 or manifesto.

 As if having destroyed
 the object of one’s disdain.
Forgetting for a moment. 

Other realities
too difficult 
impossible to name.

In the nether world 
Furies and spirits 
would lay claim.

In medieval times:
 Salvation!!! the aim.
Enduring life 
as it reignedf
amine, Pestilence,
starvation death. 
In ours
 we think
 we are beyond
the elements

Our vision
a limited one.
For there 
are other voices,
Waiting to be proclaimed.

Furies wait
Even if for Centuries 
Virtue the gods !
These are not only names. 

by Daniel P Quinn (c.)
Published in Red Wheelbarrow #13 (2020)
“organized labor” (2005) (Author House p. 20).

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