Tax-adermy or djt CFO indicted.

Where past becomes prologue in July 2021.

The New York Times 
Tax (alla Donald) not dermy.
The New York Times 

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danielpquinn | Newark, NJ 9/27/20
When I received The NYTimes article on Trumps financial history, about 5pm, I was stunned. Not just the details but the entanglements, the self dealing. That he loses money on so money ventures and writes it off. Millions or billions seem like pocket change. He keeps throwing “money” up in the air, not knowing how, why, when or where it will land. In some plays the villain is not revealed as evil but monstrous. The defaming day in and day out are OUT OF CONTROL. Because he was always the BOSS he asked fealty from the FBI and I would guess most other Republicans. Who could say no to the DON ! Republicans, the PARTY OF LINCOLN now a snake pit. Playing the IRS for a fool to his $70 million dollar REFUND than mocks them for sending him a check. Since phone calls are out of fashion, feel free to email me to discuss. Monstrous THOU don art !!! ‌View your commentIf you’re having trouble viewing your comment, please copy and paste this link in your browser:
Tax (alla Donald) not dermy.

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