The wizard of “ID”

Trump was never believable. We were in sync when the virus emerged in China, the early deaths, the lockdown in Wuhan, the death of their eye doctor who tried to warn China and the world. He was pilloried, arrested and killed by China. We have heard and seen Djt as bogus weatherman, forecaster, and fool with idle claims like the virus will be gone by Easter, like the “flu” etc, etc. Then The Great Reaper (Death) emerged to attack and destabilize the world. On TV we watched the ignomious behavior in China, the devestation in Northern Italy, and increasing panic began in Asia, Euroies” like the manic parades in N. Koreape and US(a). The COVID-19 was lessened by severe measures while the US(a) began its disintegration into Sates rights, rumor and bluster by our “Commander-in-Chief”. Really ??? Now we watch millions more die in India, Brazil while Djt still rears his belligerent head as the deaths moved from “blue” to “red” States. I have often wondered why the greater good never entered his mind. But then I remembered Djt enjoys “chaos” and adulation at his “rallies” playing to his base. He has debased the Country and mocked the Allies and is still in office. WHY ???

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