Newark (encapsulated) in 2020.

ArtsPRunlimited, Inc
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Djt is propped up by other monsters across the globe who share his disdain for morality and Justice. They revel in each others reflection and find solace in disdain. They excel in chaos and minority rule.
The kids singing the National Anthem was beautiful and moving last night. The press must not inflate the “president” and publicize his every word like cruel calculating lies.
We must become complicit with the truth and facts, not moneymaking nonsense on the web. about ArtsPR, The CARES Act & begging for bucks in 2020/21.
ArtsPR & The CARES Act for Antonio Masini; Sophocles; SACCO&VANZETTI (1920-2020) and Lincoln Kearny exhibit in 2020/21.
NEWARK, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, August 12, 2020 /⁨⁩/ — ArtsPRunlimited, Inc.ReplyForward

This is still a “free” for all country thanks to djt. Biden can certainly offer his considered opinion. Djt has no consideration of anybody except himself. THATS the problem. The maniacal excrement on verbal display last night was much worse. 

Talk about LOOSE LIPS from every speaker last night !!

The rhetorical flames are ever rising, but downtown Newark, Montclair, Rahway, are all virtual ghost towns in NJ. Newark was coming back with an expanded Rutgers Newark campus, new corporate headquarters for Prudential. BUT there are few if any pedestrians. Whole Foods took away every chair and table where people used to gather for lunch. Amazon like WF now shops for the Prime customers leaving the rest of us in between a rock and no place to sit. Djt has constant hissy fits, but hundred of small businesses are gone. PEOPLE are suffering and 183,000 have actually died. He doesn’t want to see reality, yet his hissy fits may win. America is dying too.
Newark encapsulated in 2020.

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