Trumpery a tree.


We know the never ending bombastic sarcastic Djt as he speaks (no thinking) what he says as “a stable genius” so claimed everyday. His ghastly twitter feed is already a book of self-damnation on hundreds of pages. His Sister Federal Judge Barry calls him a cheater and liar. His niece the same.

Most of the people who worked with Djt in the White House have all written tell-all books. And he goes on and on ad infinitum. Time to cancel the debates. We know where Djt sits, or stands in debasement sucking up to his base.


danielpquinn684 | Newark, NJ

As one who directed the Black Jesus PASSION PLAY that made headline news from the front page of the New York Post to The Today Show, Spain, Poland and beyond, these still born photo’s of GODSPELL made me shudder.

They look like GODSPELL on life support.

We must RETHINK what Theatre means and not pacify it by plastic subterfuge. there are extraordinary productions of Greek tragedy live and on-line from Athens. The audience is social distanced.

There was a remarkable RIGOLETTO in the Circus Maximus that used cars as part of the mise-en-scene for distance, but no masks. they are thrilling solutions as Art of theatre not subterfuge.

danielpquinnNewark, NJ |

While the grim facts in Mr. Blow’s essay are revealing and unsettling, WE DID elect Barack Obama for 2 terms and made progress as a result. Djt hated Obama and his derisive behavior since 2016 is the result. Narcissists like djt become more isolated with their self inflated image of pride, adulation and beauty. They don’t understand that they no longer see reality just themselves, until the mirror shatters.

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