Biden in 2020.

After Biden spoke. Tired from 9 hours of PBS covering it zoom to zoom with trepidations about Biden. But he rose to a new level on this occasion. Transformed from gavel to gavel, Biden’s speech soared.

Joe Biden expresses sorrow and truth, not sarcasm and retribution day in day out. America can do well with his kindered spirit.

Let us not lose sight of that.

Trash alla djttalk:

Why does no one talk about the 2018 election where djt lost the Congress because of his alienating behavior and lies. We have instituted in-part this stop mechanism. We must move further in November and end the chaos as well

CODA: VP history alla Ferraro

Newark, NJ | 
Ferraro was Italian;

Palin an Alaskan;

WASP majority

not really ready to end their

But It’s coming !!

Hold the Mail hostage: 

Mail service in the last year has become a clump maybe 2 days a week. The rest my box is empty. I send 2 day parcels that arrive days or weeks later. They cost $7.50 and I mailed out 10 sets with “tracking” which is useless.Something is wrong and has been for a while. The djt lackey: Postmaster General adds flames to the incinerating service. Acting, shmacking the USA has become a “gain” show for the rich and the well connected. The rest of us are being scammed.

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