Irish/Italian roots in the USA.

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danielpquinn684  | Newark, NJ 7/24/20
Normally, we would welcome these individuals to the greater NYC area. BUT maybe those visitors from COVID hot spots should have been quarantined upon arrival. Otherwise our cases may surge back as well.
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Newark, NJ June 1, 2020
There is rage and despair in me as well for the insanity and malevolence of djt everyday. As a child, JFK being shot, the riots of the 1960’s across America and the bloody Democratic convention live on TV in Chicago.
LBJ and his Great Society and protesting against the Viet Nam war.
Being exposed to prejudice in Virginia as a Boy Scout from the North with genteel contempt in suburban VA.
When Obama won I cried that we accomplished so much. This period may explode further or move on to progress.
Biden must act as a counter-force and voice to quiet the din.
Other ex-Presidents should join in before we forget what reason and decency stand for.
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The New York Times community.
danielpquinn684  | Newark, NJ
must cease and delist
Let him sue.
Twitter can afford it
save itself from
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The Irish side of my Family at my parent's wedding in 1949.
On a personal note my Father shared his Birthday with JFK. They both served in the Pacific region during World War II and my Father sent a note to him at The White House for his Birthday. We received a personal note from his secretary Ms. Lincoln (Wedding Photo at Robert Treat Hotel in 1949..
My Mother was a Republican and gave me a Nixon for President button to wear in Grammar School (the only one perhaps). Anyway my Father was a Democrat. While my Father died 31 years ago, today he would have been 102. The strains of the SONG Happy Birthday from the musical ZORBA echoes as well.

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