The Phantom of Mt Rushmore.

Economic imbalance is the core of the problem.

Solipsism is the result of this economic chaos from the 1-10% trickling down to us. It was only gotten worse because money and biliions grow on their own just sitting in off-shore or private banking accounts.

Elitist snobism is pervasive in the Senate, incompetenance drive in the Cabinet and djt’s brain. Disinformation, fake news pops out of his head in all directions. Then the networks carry his tirades as “news.”

C’mon !!!!

Newark, NJ | 7/9/20 updated via Supremer Court news on djt

Shielding these documents would be despotic, nulling these decision by letting djt off the hook. The American people stew in the dark. After the election…PLEASE dont let Justice rot away by inertia and lugubriousness.

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