Viet Nam 1966-1975.

Viet Nam War was driven into me as a child watching the newscasts, the searing chaotic Democratic Convention, and the fake Viet Cong death tally.

Later, we had a student strike at Ramapo College and Jane Fonda dropping in by helicopter. We also had Ralph Nader at our Commencement address.

Forgotten ???

Ramapo was full of veternas in traumatic shock, and one gruesomely disfigured student who had to wear a medical mask.

NJ showed a triumph when we gave the Presidential primary to Jerry Brown.

Submerged yes,

Forgotten, NO!!!

Part II: Jane Fonda on NYTimes display 2020.

Nepotism still paved the way via Peter and Henry as a gilded flower in a Hollywood like. Jane helicoptered in during a student strike at Ramapo College during the Viet Nam war. Guess she had money to spend. Ramapo was full of Vietnam vets and they applauded Jane too. Just what we need is a glam article in this Economic, Social and Covid-19. Isn’t this a waste of The times money ?

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