Rent for life club via The New York Times.

The lack of economic growth in the rust belt, the collapse of unions, and the exporting of countless jobs to China, India or elsewhere have been issues for decades.

These figures demonstrate the lack of care in urban hospitals versus well endowed ones, people who own a home or condo, versus those stuck in the rent for life cycle.

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danielpquinn684 | Newark, NJ
America has misspent financing for ‘luxury’ rentals way beyond the means of too many. Apartments used to be called “garden” or “efficiency.”
As a Senior I am still paying market rates for my rent which amounts to 90% or more of my income. Being frozen in situ, I have no choice. I was on the “waiting List” of a Princeton management company for 5 years.
Last year, they told me I was on the wrong list and had to re-apply. I was approved for a mortgage about 12 years ago, but almost all of those funds and my “security deposit” was applied to my rent in this Covid-19 crisis.
Money is being made here but not by me. Now, I know I am insecure too.
danielpquinn684, Newark, NJ, July 4
Economic imbalance is the core of the problem.
Solipsism is the result of this economic chaos from the 1-10% trickling down to us. It has only gotten worse because money and billions grow on their own just sitting in off-shore or private banking accounts.
Elitist snobs are pervasive in the Senate, Incompetents drive the Cabinet and djt’s brain.
Disinformation, fake news pops out of his head in all directions.
Then the networks carry his tirades as “news.” C’mon !!!!4 Recommended Share
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